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Our Enterprise 360o is one of Mentor's major areas of expertise and most requested service . We conduct this process for a wide range of IT departments including: Operations Production Control and Scheduling Networking Application Development Technical Services and Systems Programming Help Desk/Customer Service Our methodology is centered around an extensive questionnaire custom built for your organization. Through interviewing your staff, on-the-job observation, and meeting with various departments with which your staff interacts, our facilitator, an IT professional, will readily evaluate your IT employees.   You will receive a comprehensive report that not only gives you valuable insight into each staff member's skill level but also provides an education plan for each person  interviewed, an industry comparison, and recommendations for improving your organization.
Mentor Services pioneered our Enterprise 360o, an across-the-board, skills assessment to evaluate mainframe staff’s current and required skill sets,  design an education program for the staff, and  recommend best practices.   ’ .
Enterprise 360o
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