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Since   1991    Mentor Services has delivered comprehensive, customized education programs for IT staff.
Our curriculum stresses more than technical knowledge. Our courses forge the  strong  analytical  and problem-solving  skills needed in today’s highly automated command center environments.  The courses combine sure-fire learning  techniques with  up-to-date  technical  information,  all taught by instructors  who know the ins and outs of cutting-edge technology and how how  to  communicate  it.    And  we  are  always  seeking  to  expand  our curriculum to better meet the new demands of our clients.
Mentor provides education for all Information  Technology  support personnel.    While  we  offer  an extensive  and diversified course list,  Mentor  will  not  give you a cookbook response. Our allegiance is  to  your  company  and  we will work  with  you  to  reshape  our existing courses or even custom- build new ones.
Our  classes are taught on site at your location  or  over  the web and at your convenience. This  saves you time and travel  expenses  for  your  staff.   The classes  are  set  up  to  accommodate your company's schedule and structure. If you need us at 6 a.m. or at midnight, weekdays or weekends, we will be there.
We  cover all operating system platforms. from Mainframe z/OS, to UNIX and its derivatives through to Wintel
About Us
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About Us